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Disposable Medical Mask

Profile information:
This type of disposable mask is for personal protection of the general public.

** Shaanxi Provincial MPA Registration Certificate Number 20202140027.
** China YY/T 0969-2013 Test Report available (PASSED). .
** International SGS Test Report available (PASSED).
basic information

[Product Description] Disposable Medical Mask

[Shelf Life] Two years

[Product Composition] The product consists of three layers of nonwoven fabric or nonwoven composite materials, plastic nose clip, and elastic ear loops. It can be used to protect against particulate matter and bacteria. The product has been sterilized by EO and it is sterile. It can be used only once.

[Product Application] The product can be used for clinical personnel during noninvasive operations to protect against pathogen microorganisms and particulate matter.

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