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KN95 Protective Mask

Profile information:
This type of mask is used for personal protection of the public. With 5-layers and the folded design, this type of mask can improve the comfort wearing experience. It can prevent 95% percent of particulates and can give utmost protection and comfortableness for wearers.

** China GB 26262006 Test Report (PASSED) available.
** German DEKRA Test Report (PASSED) available.
** German IFA Test Report (PASSED) available.
** Authorised for emergency use in Germany by German Federal Ministry of Health.
basic information

[Product Description] AILEBAO KN95 Protective Mask

[Shelf Life] Two years

[Product Application] To protect against solid and liquid particulates.

[Product Composition] The product consists of outer and inner layer of spunbond nonwoven fabric, polypropylene melt-blown fabric with BFE≥95%, ES hot air fiber, nose clip made of metal and plastic, and ear loops made of wide and highly elastic materials.