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WITNESS THE POWER! A number of pharmaceutical enterprises visit Acer pharmaceutical mask production workshop

2020/04/06 20:23
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In order to ensure the smooth delivery of affordable masks in Xixian New District, on March 23, under the leadership of the relevant authorities of the Xixian New District Market Service and Supervisi

In order to ensure the smooth delivery of affordable masks in Xixian New District, on March 23, under the leadership of the relevant authorities of the Xixian New District Market Service and Supervision Bureau, xi'an Yikang Medicine Chain Co. , Ltd. , Xi'an Taisheng Medicine Chain Co. , Ltd. , Shaanxi Xianyang People Le Pharmacy Co. , Ltd. , Le Kang Medicine Co. , Ltd. , Xixian New District Miaochuntang Pharmacy Co. , Ltd. . A total of 13 pharmaceutical company leaders visited Shaanxi Hongji Pharmaceutical mask production workshop.

From entering the locker room, wearing a white coat, overshoes, hand disinfection, buffer room, air shower room, a total of six doors, and finally enter the 100,000 clean workshop medical masks production line. After entering the air shower room, the door is closed, and after a few seconds, another door can be opened. The air shower room is a passageway through which people enter the dust-free workshop. Its function is to pass through the airflow in the room, the utility model can blow away the dust attached to the surface of the body and clothes, and has the function of dust removal.

In the mask production workshop, workers are stepping up production of medical masks. In order to ensure quality, quantity and delivery, 24-hour non-stop production is being implemented. There are more than 100 workers in charge of mask production, rotating one shift in the morning, middle and evening, the production equipment operates continuously for 24 hours a day. In such a "round-the-clock" production mode, 200,000 masks can be produced every day. Two new machines are being debuted and are scheduled to go into service this week, producing 400,000 masks a day. "workers entering the workshop have to change their clothes and sterilize in advance, and the temperature and humidity of the workshop are also strictly required, " said Li, director of Hongji Pharmaceutical. All masks produced by our company are uniformly distributed by the management committee of Xixian New District, priority will be given to meeting the needs of front-line medical staff and front-line prevention and control staff.


Many pharmaceutical company leaders said that they were seeing the operation scene of the mask production workshop for the first time. While they felt novel, they were also shocked by the serious and responsible attitude of acer pharmaceutical manufacturing masks, regardless of the control of the dust-free production workshop, or on the production process and quality control of raw materials, have done the acme, with such a responsible mask factory, so that the people's protection needs have been truly protected, this is really responsible for the country!

In the ensuing symposium, we on the current market supply mask quality and market supply prices were discussed. According to the head of the drug store, the quality of masks on the market is uneven, because the fear of buying fake masks and can not meet the protection needs of the people, the real mask and do not know where to buy, and feel worried! After visiting the mask production workshop of Hongji Pharmaceutical, listening carefully to the relevant introduction of Chairman Hu Tao on the mask production process and raw materials, and making a comparative experiment on the spot with the mask he is wearing, we all agree that Acer pharmaceutical mask quality absolutely no problem, breathable, wearing comfort is the most intuitive feeling.

In order to provide affordable face masks to the people of Xixian new area, in coordination with the market service and supervision administration of Xixian New Area, our company plans to cooperate with the above-mentioned visiting pharmaceutical enterprises, to each pharmacy in Xixian New Area to put my company's production of one-time use medical masks, really for the Xixian New Area People's health escort!