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Scientific research strength


  III. Soft capsule, hard capsule, granule, tea agent, tablet and other five production systems, annual production of hard capsule 50 billion, soft capsule 30 billion, granule 15 billion bags, tea agent 5 billion boxes, tablet 15 billion pieces.


  I. the large-scale international standard industrial park with a total investment of 580 million yuan and an area of over 70 mu was officially completed and put into use in May 2017.

  VI.The company invests a large amount of money each year in the research and development of new products, and introduces advanced large-scale scientific instruments and equipment, including 18D micro-nuclear magnetic CT scan, 9D-NLS sonar CT scan and other imported testing equipment and high performance liquid chromatography, as well as imported analyzers such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, infrared spectrophotometer and ultraviolet spectrophotometer. The company aims to create a leading experimental innovation platform and base and lay a solid foundation for the development of new drugs and new technologies.


  IV.Hongji Pharmaceuticals has established a research and quality inspection center which aims to develop high-end health products with independent intellectual property rights, and focuses on some difficult diseases that have no good treatments, and is committed to the studies on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and relevant complications. The center includes clinical data analysis center for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,  “biocell” key laboratory, new special drug R&D center, and product quality monitoring and testing center, and so on, as well as innovative drug laboratory, preparation room, cell room, analysis room, and other scientific research stations.

  II. More than 20,000 square meters and 300,000 grade standardized GMP automatic production plant area.


  V. "Rt plant kinase", a thrombolytic core substance jointly developed by the company and the university of Los Angeles and NEC of the United States, has reached the most advanced level in the world, and is selected as "made in China 2025".